Who We Are

IGK Hair was created by four world-renowned hair stylists that have successfully defied trends and set the industry bar high with cutting-edge, highly effective products. Founders Aaron Grenia, Franck Izquierdo, Leo Izquierdo and Chase Kusero have one mission: get the hair you want with the hair you have. It’s never about getting hair “under control,” it’s about self-expression with the most elite products possible. And there is no one that understands that better than YOU.

How It Works

The “Friend Rec” is arguably the most powerful endorsement a brand can receive and the most trustworthy source for a product review. We want people to trust our word but, more importantly, we want that word backed up by our fellow world-class stylists. That’s where YOU come in. We want to work with YOU to bring all of the products that you love to more people and earn money for it.

Ready for the perks?

As a member of the IGK Fam you’ll receive a 15%+ commission on every single purchase made using your personalized link (30-day referral cookie window). You’ll automatically be paid once a month directly to your bank account. That’s right. Easy money in the bank. Down to make this official? We’ve been waiting for this. Click below to sign up and let’s make this a match in hairstylist heaven.